Certificate of Travel - $ 1000 (1st place $ 500, 2nd place $ 300, 3rd place $ 200)
Date of the event
11 November 2022 22:00

Participants of the project will have an interesting task!

Create a track and record a video about the hookah industry or your hookah preferences!



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About the prize fund

Prize fund 1000$ (Certificate for visiting our tournaments in other countries).
Divided into 3 prizes (1 – 500, 2 – 300, 3 – 200).

Prize fund 1000$ travel-certificate*.

*Certificate to reimburse a portion of travel expenses for traveling to countries to participate in the Hookah Battle events.

You pay for visa/airfare/hotel expenses – we will reimburse you for part of those expenses according to the face value of the certificate you win.

Certificates are valid for 3 years. Certificates can be combined with other travel certificates won in our shows.


Darkside Inspiration is a special nomination from for participants of international Hookah Battle competitions, where hookah masters make a speech what inspires them to work in the hookah industry. The winner of the nomination receives a trip certificate for traveling to other countries with Hookah Battle.

Prize fund 500 € (Certificate for visiting our tournaments in other countries).

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As part of this event, we introduce quotas for the country. Thus, no more than 3 teams can act from each country (Russia, USA, Brazil, France, Germany, Spain, etc.)!


RAP HOOKAH BATTLE 2022 (ONLINE) is an unusual experimental hookah competition.


Participants from different countries send a video in which they prepare a regular hookah. However, that would be too easy…


Therefore, we decided to complicate the task – while preparing the hookah, each participant will need (without prompts and cheat sheets) to perform some track in the RAP genre.


* Video length can be from 1 to 5 minutes. In the video, you can speak your native language or English.


Thus, we will determine which hookah master is best able to: cook a hookah in a psychologically stressful mode, working well not only with his hands but also with his head.


In an online broadcast, the judges will evaluate the work of the participants, which will be shown on the pages of our social networks (subscribe):

Facebook, Youtube, Vkontakte, Instagram




Competition rules:


1. Participations is free of charge and their is an age restriction of 21 years old.


2. To sign up you will need to visit the site and add your team name and participants list.


3. To continue into the finals and compete with teams from around the world all teams from your country will be judged. The top 3 teams chosen will continue to the next level.


4. Videos can be anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes in length. In the video, you can speak your native language or English.


5. The music track for the video must not conflict with copyright on YouTube and other sites. (Make sure in advance)


6. The word Hookah Battle must be mentioned at least once in the text of the speech.


7. The video should show the whole process of preparing the hookah:

  • Hookah assembly (stem, flask)
  • Bowl packing
  • Smoke


8. Video can be filmed in different locations and edited. One consistent clip is not a requirement.


9. When editing your video, the audio track can be overlayed for the best sound. (look right # 5)


10. Ideally, you should have a creative RAP clip.


If you don’t have a team (brand), register it.

If you have any questions

If you have any questions – write to us or join our telegram chat Hookah Battle by country:

Project manager – (Only Telegram messenger)


International English speaking telegram chat


🇩🇪  German-speaking telegram chat


🇪🇸  Spanish-speaking telegram chat


🇺🇸  USA English-speaking telegram chat


🇫🇷  French-speaking telegram chat


🇷🇺  Russian-speaking telegram chat


🇺🇦  Ukraine telegram chat


🇧🇷  Brazil Portuguese-speaking telegram chat




Participant of any Hookah Battle event automatically join our international rating – Hall Of Fame, participate regularly in our online and offline events, and become a “Legend of Hookah Battle”!


Participation in Hookah Battle events give you more chances to find a good hookah job at our international service “Hookah Head Hunt” if you are looking for a hookah job don’t forget to upload your CV (resume) on this website:

Voting closed

# Brand Name Voting Status
1 Team | by Jar-Nili
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  • 1
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  • 12
3 Hookah Dream
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  • 11
  • 6
4 SmoKing hookah
  • 1
  • 5
  • 5
  • 1
  • 2
  • 6
6 Bearloga Lounge
  • 1
  • 1
  • 3
7 YonKo
  • 0
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8 80 Feet Squad
  • 0
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9 Himera Hookah
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10 Shisha Place family
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Jury of event

Mateo Iliev - President of “Hookah Fans Bulgaria” community

Jakub Kopáček, the founder of the blogsite Dýmkařův koutek and hookah-related charity project Dýmkaři pomáhají. One of the heads of the largest hookah page ''Czech Hookah'' on Facebook. Author of the upcoming hookah-related book Dýmkařská bichle.

Dede (Dedushka) Arif, one of the founders of Nargile Puan, has been smoking hookah for almost 20 years. He’s providing outsource services to lounges and also working on mixology since 2015. Broadcasting hookah based educational streams on Twitch. Creating cinematic videos about hookah on Youtube and Instagram. The very first activist of “Hookah is all ours.” Keeps up with the international hookah industry and even the pandemi can’t hold him back.